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    Dec 07, 2023
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive
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    Dec 16, 2023
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    Dec 20, 2023
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    Dec 27, 2023
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    Jan 04, 2024
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    EWMC Monthly Meeting
    Jan 17, 2024
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive Room 106
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    Feb 01, 2024
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive
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  • Rider's Club
    Updated On: Jul 12, 2023

    Local 134 Riders Club

    Local 134 Riders Club

    There is something unique about our club. We are a group that comes from all factions of the industry, bound by a love of riding. When you can turn that passion into a desire to give back to the community, it is something special.

    We have recognized our good fortune to be able to do what we do. We can have a lot of fun and help out folks in need while we’re at it.

    Ninety-nine percent of the time, when you see a bike parade, that person has paid for the honor of participating in that run.

    Bikers look tough, but there is a heart of gold under every leather vest.

    We meet on the first Thursday of every month (Union Meeting Night), at 5 pm in room 106 of the Union Hall.

    All are welcome to sit in on a meeting to see what we are about.

    The IBEW 134 Riders Club visits Henry Miller Museum

    IBEW Riders Club Mission Statement

    Solidarity is our club's motto. Our mission is the mission of the IBEW. We are riders of all types from Motorcycle Enthusiasts and weekend warriors to Everyday Bikers. We reflect the values of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. We are IBEW members riding in solidarity, to bring the Brotherhood/ Sisterhood closer through a common goal which happens to be riding motorcycles. At the same time, we are not interested in separatism in any way. We are not interested in playing into any of the divisions that have cropped up in the motorcycling and motorcycling club world over the years. As Trade Unionist, we encourage American made, and Union made motorcycles. We do not promote the idea that one bike brand, one gender, one race or one biker "attitude" is better, more genuine or is the more "real" expression of what a biker is.

    Reflecting the great diversity that exists in the worldwide motorcycling community is also a very important objective of the IBEW Riders. Toward this end, our IBEW Rider clubs are open to IBEW member's both male and female, riders of every ethnicity, and people from many different walks of life and life experiences. We strive to have members from a large age range and various generations as well. Our belief in having members from a large age range is not just a belief rooted in the idea that the young can learn from the older or that the young can provide fresh energy and enthusiasm. It is both of these ideas and more. It is also an idea rooted in the belief that we all can learn something from each other 2nd contribute something to the growth of one another no matter what our age or what the nature of our life experience.

    Electrical Workers Illinois

    10 Founding Principles

    1 | Support the IBEW in its mission and goals

    2 | All IBEW Riding clubs show solidarity by wearing the same IBEW patch with their respective local area on the patch

    3 | Bringing together IBEW "Old School Biker Values" and "New World Biker Attitudes"

    4 | Diversity

    5 | Camaraderie

    6 | Promoting Riding

    7 | Promoting Safety

    8 | Eternal Vigilance is the Price of good Unionism

    9 | Engaging in Community Service Activities

    10 | Supporting the Labor Movement

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