• July 23, 2024
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    Upcoming Events
    Bags/Cornhole Tournament
    Jul 23, 2024
    IBEW Local 134 Parking Lot 2722 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60616
    Sisters Committee
    Jul 24, 2024
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive Room 106 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    RENEW Monthly Meeting
    Jul 25, 2024
    RENEW meets on the last Thursday of the month in conference room 106 in the Hall.
    Monthly Member's meeting
    Aug 01, 2024
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive
    EWMC Back to School BBQ
    Aug 03, 2024
    Eggers Grove Forest Preserve 11201 S. Avenue B Chicago, IL 60617
    Bud Billiken Parade
    Aug 10, 2024
    On August 10th, Powering Chicago will be participating in the 95th Annual Bud Billiken Parade and Festival. Volunteers are needed to represent our Local 134 as we march alongside the Powering Chicago Truck and Local 134 Van. Volunteers will meet at Memorial Hall and be escorted to the staging position in the parade and festival area. A light breakfast will be served. The parade begins at 10 am sharp and the festival begins at 10 am sharp. For more details and to sign up, please contact Bert Walters at 312.989.0724.
    Helping Hand Fundraiser
    Aug 17, 2024
    115 Bourbon Street 3359 West 115th Street Merrionette Park, IL 60803
    EWMC Monthly Meeting
    Aug 21, 2024
    2722 S. Martin Luther King Drive Room 106
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  • Construction & Low Voltage Electrician Membership Opportunities

    In the IBEW There is Opportunity for EVERYONE

    IBEW 134 Residential Solar Installation

    What are you making on the check?
    The IBEW sets the standard across the board and our members don’t have the kind of payroll deductions that you’re seeing at non-union employers.

    For example: If you are non-union and ‘making’ $40 an hour, but are paying your own healthcare and retirement out of pocket – your take home pay is much less. From what we have seen, many non-union employees’ healthcare costs alone equate to a $3-$4 an hour deduction from their wage.

    For Example: $500 a month / 160 hours worked = $3.12 per hour deduction. Paycheck deductions such as this are just another example of non-union dues.

    What are Non-Union Dues?

    As mentioned above, money coming out of your check for healthcare, and money coming out of your check for retirement are examples of Non-union Dues. In the IBEW, members have healthcare and retirement paid for by their employers, in addition to their pay, not deducted from their check. Another example of non-union dues is the cost of furnishing and replacing power/battery tools, benders, ladders etc. IBEW members only have to furnish basic hand tools. Power/battery tools, large tools, benders and ladders are provided by the contractor.

    What are Union Dues?

    Union Dues are voted on and decided by the membership by secret ballot as the necessary amount to inves t in their
    future and secure strong representation. Just like the Chamber of Commerce, your place of worship, or any other
    membership organization, financial support is a fact of life. Dues are used to run your Union and keep it strong. You must be a member to participate in the local union, run for local union office, be a union steward, and/or vote on future
    contracts. By all accounts, IBEW Union Dues are LESS than Non-Union dues.

    !BEW Union Dues amounts vary from Local to Local. This means that your dues may be slightly higher or slightly less in one area or another. The reason they vary is a reflection of what the membership of that Local deems is a necessary amount to keep the Local Union running with the resources it needs. It's a small price to pay for the security and support that comes with union contract. All funds are under the sole control of the membership. Strict accounting of funds is required by federal law and expenditures are subject to the approval of the members.

    Healthcare | IBEW members and their families have healthcare - and it doesn't come out of our check. IBEW employers pay for their workers' medical coverage.

    Retirement | Not only do we value work life- but your post work life as well. As an !BEW member you will build no less
    than 3 employer paid retirement plans- your 2 local plans and the IBEW International Pension. If you decide to work in
    another area for another IBEW contractor, you will continue to have employer paid contribution s into those same plans.

    This system allows for our members to have a longstanding and flexible career. A career that provides a living wage and a healthy retirement.

    IBEW 134 Residential Solar Installation

    Let Us Help Advance Your Career

    Opportunities Nationwide
    Changing employers can be a big decision. The IBEW is here to show you your options. You will be put in touch with an IBEW Local 134 organizer. An IBEW Local 134 organizer can meet you to discuss what your options are and the pay and benefits you will receive when working for an IBEW signatory contractor.

    When you are ready to take your career to the next level - we can help you do so. We will work with you to make sure your transition is successful. We will work to explain all the benefits you will experience as an IBEW member and get you to work for an IBEW contractor where you are valued.

    Some things you’ll need to provide:
    •    Drivers License
    •    Proof of Experience (Example: check stubs, W-2’s, Social Security printout, any licenses or certifications, etc.)
    •    Resume

    Talk to an organizer: Fill out the form below and an IBEW Local 134 organizer will contact you to get the process started:


    The information you submit is confidential and will only be used by an IBEW Local 134 Organizer to contact you.

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