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  • Pandemic Update April 17th (14th Edition)
    Posted On: Apr 17, 2020

    Brothers and Sisters, 

    As we come to the close of another week during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Local 134 Membership has really shown the citizens of Illinois what we are made of. Because of the hard work of Local 134 members, there are crucial temporary hospitals that are almost finished and ready to be opened for patients. It cannot be stressed enough that these care facilities are vital to the health and lives of countless Illinois citizens. I firmly believe that there is no trade in the construction industry that works with more efficiency or heart than Local 134! 

     I want to take the time to simply say THANK YOU to each and every one of you regardless of whether you’re working or making things safer with your families at home, WE have stepped up to the challenge and the community is better for it. 

     Local 134 and Powering Chicago have been endlessly searching to acquire PPE gear for the Membership. Well Brothers and Sisters, I am very pleased to announce that we have successfully located and ordered thousands of N95 masks and gloves for the benefit of our Membership. We believe that they will be delivered to Local 134 early next week and we will start distributing to the Membership on jobsites as soon as we get them. Additionally, we will be offering an N95 mask and gloves to our retired members, spouses, and widows. For this reason, I ask workers who have readily available PPE at their jobsite to utilize those resources before submitting a request to avoid stockpiling materials. These retirees will no doubt appreciate and rely on your discretion. 

    If you are in need of PPE, I’m asking you to submit the following information to Covid19info@local134.org


     We will call the contact person when we arrive at your jobsite. Please be patient with us during this enormous undertaking. 

    On a lighter note, tomorrow April 18th at 4:30 pm,  ABC Channel 7 will air "Built to Last" featuring Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago. Also, be on the lookout next week for the 2020 edition of the Local 134 "News and Views". Both of these highlights showcase the tremendous work that we do outside of our normal work week. 

     Brothers and Sisters, you have continued to demonstrate what being part of a UNION is all about in this crisis. I want you to know that from your administrative staff at Local 134, Officers, Business Agents, EIT Personnel, Powering Chicago and EJATT WE truly are in this together. As your Business Manager, I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the above. Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay 134 Strong. 

    In Solidarity,

    Don Finn
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary