• May 25, 2020
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  • Pandemic Update May 1st (15th Edition)
    Posted On: May 01, 2020

    Brothers and Sisters,

    If anyone said two months ago that on May 1st, 2020 we would not be able to go outside without wearing a mask I think all of us would have thought you are crazy. Unfortunately, that is where we are in Illinois right now. This Pandemic has the State, City and your Local adapting every day to different challenges. As you are already aware, Local 134 continues to help and lead in this critical time, we have distributed food staples to our Retirees on an as-needed basis as well as delivering over 5000 N95 masks and gloves to Members and our Retirees. I would like to thank all the Apprentices who distributed these masks and gloves to over 600 Retirees homes. It was such a rewarding experience for both the Apprentices and Retirees. Powering Chicago has ordered more PPE and we hope to have it delivered to our Union Hall late next week. 

    Governor Pritzker has extended the Stay-at-Home order until May 30th, 2020. It is with deep regret that I inform the Membership that May’s monthly meeting will be canceled. Our hope is that by June our State will be back to some sort of normalcy enabling the Local to hold our monthly meetings again. 

    Your Administration has met with the Electrical Contractors Association to get the upcoming allocation distributed. I hope to report back to the Membership by May 15th with details of the allocation. I appreciate the Members who took the time to email your thoughts and ideas. Please keep in mind Brothers and Sisters our funds have some pressing financial needs due to the Pandemic and they will be addressed with this allocation. Also, this is the last year of the 4-year contract and while we simply do not know what the future holds I promise the Membership we will be reaching out sooner rather than later to get your thoughts for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

    Lastly, I want to be very clear on the (NEDRA) agreement that International President Stephenson and NECA signed on March 16, 2020. I have expressed my displeasure about the agreement for multiple reasons. What I want the Members to realize is that if you have signed the out of work book with Recall Status (AFTER MARCH 16) and you go back to that contractor WITHOUT CLEARING THROUGH REFERRAL the Local will hold the Member and Contractor accountable. The MEMBER and CONTRACTOR MUST NOTIFY REFERRAL ELECTRONICALLY BEFORE REPORTING BACK TO WORK. 

    Please Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay 134 Strong!

    In Solidarity, 

    Don Finn 
    Business Manager / Financial Secretary